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    ethereum classic vs ripple

    Do you agree that cryptocurrency should do something useful instead of
    just burning up electricity? There are some great blockchain technologies coming in the future that try to use that computational power for doing
    science or for some other useful tasks.
    Besides just being scarce and cryptocoins are even better used when providing more added value.

    One such crypto is UFR or Upfiring. It doesn’t do any science though
    but it does something that is almost equally important.
    And that is it will enable you to earn UFR by sharing files and information.
    First thought on everyone’s mind might be the piracy and distributing movies, games and
    TV shows anonymously. Think like the Pirate Bay, but where you actually earn money by sharing files.

    But that is just shallow thinking, although, granted,
    many will use it just in that way. But! If you buy your favorite song this way
    directly from the author, you not only support his work, you actually become a part of his economic success by further sharing the file along with him or her or them for that matter.

    If this sounds like something you would like to
    happen than probably other would too. Come join us at www
    upfiringworld dot com forum dedicated to this cryptocurrency and
    get a head start in an exciting future that is coming.

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